VOTE FOR MARVIN November 2, 2021

My plan and commitment to you is to restore your freedom by ensuring Fidelity to the Constitution, providing Safe Streets, Education, and Economic Prosperity. This is how I will ensure your government puts YOU FIRST.


Safe Streets

Our streets are overrun with crime and drugs because the Mayor decided to defund the Police, close Rikers Island, and release criminals just in time to let the insurrection gather momentum. Marvin will reverse this reckless dereliction of duty!



Marvin is in favor of charter schools, vouchers, and home schooling because they create competition which will lead to lower costs and efficiency. All families deserve quality education that will position them to fill the jobs Marvin plans to create.


Job Creation

Onerous regulations have strangled the life out of our economy causing small business to close shop taking well-paying jobs with them. Marvin’s plan is to attract business to occupy areas already zoned for commercial use with the lowest corporate tax rate in the Nation. Marvin will periodically evaluate and eviscerate regulations that kill union jobs.